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Support the future and become part of our team!

Autonomous robot soccer is a very interesting, but a very expensive undertaking. Support is needed on many levels, and the project offers a unique opportunity for supporters to gain exposure as leaders in the field of robotics. It is estimated that more than 500 teams consisting of 3,000 scientists from 40 countries will participate this year, making it the largest competition in the game’s history. Thousands more spectators will be watching the games and interacting with the teams off the field through informal demos and displays. Team VT DARwIn plans on leaving a lasting impression in the humanoid division as one of a very select few teams building a customized robot from the ground up. As representatives of Virginia Tech, we hope to continue the trend of success of the DARPA Urban Challenge in showing the world that Virginia Tech is a premiere robotics research institution rivaling other well-known Universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and Georgia Tech.

If you have any questions regarding the team or competition, please contact us. We are happy to hear from you.