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Graduate Students

PhD alumni

  • Eric Williams, PhD (April, 2014)
    "The Development of Actuators for the Whole Skin Locomotion Robot"
  • Derek Lahr, PhD (March, 2014)
    "Design and Control of a Bipedal Robot"
  • Paul D'Angio, PhD (April, 2012)
    "Adaptive and Passive Non-Visual Driver Assistance Technologies for the Blind Driver Challenge"
  • Jaekwon (JK) Han, PhD (April, 2012)
    "Bipedal Walking for a Full Size Humanoid Robot Utilizing Sinusoidal Feet Trajectories and It's Energy Consumption"
  • Joe Hays, PhD (August, 2011)
    "Parametric Optimal Design of Uncertain Dynamical Systems"
  • Ping Ren, PhD (August, 2010)
    "Kinematics Analysis of Two Parallel Locomotion Mechanisms"
  • Karl Muecke, PhD (April, 2009)
    "An Analytical Motion Filter for Humanoid Robots"

MS alumni

  • Bryce Lee (April, 2014)
    "Design of a Humanoid Robot for Disaster Response"
  • Steve Ressler (March, 2014)
    "Design and Implementation of a Dual Axis Motor Controller for Parallel and Serial Series Elastic Actuators"
  • Panit Howard (April, 2012)
    "High Temperature Seismic Monitoring for Enhanced Geothermal Systems"
  • Ryan Colby (January, 2012)
    "Considerations for the Development of Non-Visual Interfaces for Driving Applications"
  • Seungmoon Song] (August, 2010)
    "Development of an Omni-directional Gait Generator and a Stabilization Feedback Controller for Humanoid Robots"
  • Gabriel Goldman (April, 2009)
    "Design Space and Motion Development for a Pole Climbing Serpentine Robot Featuring Actuated Universal Joints"
  • Mark Showalter (August, 2008)
    "Work Space Analysis and Walking Algorithm Development for A Radially Symmetric Hexapod Robot"
  • Bryant Burnett (May, 2008)
    "Considerations for the Use of an Exoskeleton for Extremity Control and Assistance when Learning to Walk with Cerebral Palsy"
  • Jesse Hurdus (April, 2008)
    "A Portable Approach to High-Level Behavioral Programming for Complex Autonomous Robot Applications"
  • Ivette Morazzani (April, 2008)
    "Investigation of Standing Up Strategies and Considerations for Gait Planning for a Novel Three-Legged Mobile Robot"
  • John Humphreys (April, 2008)
    "Development of an Inertially-Actuated Passive Dynamic Technique to Enable Single-Step Climbing by Wheeled Robots"
  • Shawn Kimmel (April, 2008)
    "Considerations for and Implementations of Deliberative and Reactive Motion Planning Strategies for the Novel Actuated Rimless Spoke Wheel Robot IMPASS for the Two-Dimensional Sagittal Plane"
  • Marilyn Worley (June, 2007)
    "Experimental Study on the Mobility of Lightweight Vehicles on Sand"
  • Jeremy Heaston (August, 2006)
    "Design of a Novel Tripedal Locomotion Robot and Simulation of a Dynamic Gait for a Single Step"
  • Mark Ingram (August, 2006)
    "Whole Skin Locomotion Inspired by Amoeboid Motility Mechanisms: Mechanics of the Concentric Solid Tube Model"

Other graduate student alumni

  • Coleman Knabe (Spring, 2014)
  • John Seminatore (Spring, 2014)
  • Jacob Webb (Spring, 2014)
  • Nikolaus Wittenstein (Spring, 2014)
  • Jason Ziglar (Spring, 2014)
  • Jack Newton (Spring, 2014)
  • Mike Rouleau (Spring, 2014)
  • Sebastien Corner (Spring, 2014)
  • David Henry (Spring, 2012)
  • Blake Jeans (Fall, 2011)
  • Rob Nguyen (Fall, 2011)
  • Robert Mayo (Fall, 2011)
  • Ya Wang (Fall, 2009)
  • Bob Schafrik (Summer, 2009)
  • Craig McNally (Spring, 2009)
  • Nick Thayer (Spring, 2009)
  • Doug Laney (Spring, 2006)

Visiting Researchers

  • Prof. Young-Jae Ryoo, PhD (2011) Dept of Control & Robot Engineering, Mokpo National University
  • Prof. Bohee Lee, PhD (2010) Dept of Electrical Engineering, Semyung University
  • Prof. Seungchul Lim, PhD (2009) Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Myongji University
  • Kyung Bok Lee, PhD (2009) Post-Doc Researcher
  • Jin Ho Kyung, PhD (2008) KIMM
  • Chan Hun Park (2007) KIMM

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Too many to list!
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